What we do

Our services include ground improvement, piling, deep excavation and marine construction works . For the ground improvement works, with patent technology HVDM and other traditional techniques, we are able to treat soil and sand at different conditions.

Engineering case

Ningbo International Finance Centre, China

Project Profile
Name    :Ningbo International Finance Centre
Location : Ningbo City in China
Method  : Diaphragm wall and reinforced concrete strut

Construction duration
From : 2009.05
To     : 2010.12

The area is 45000m2 in this project with three storey basements. The general excavation depth varies from 16.2m2 to 19.2m2, and the maximum depth is up to 24m2. The project is located at a soft mud soil layer with a complicated engineering geological condition. Surrounding environment is very complex with many buildings, municipal pipelines near foundation pit. We overcome the constraints of complex surrounding environment conditions and restrictions to make sure excavation displacement is less than 40mm by using diaphragm wall and concrete strut.