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Our services include ground improvement, piling, deep excavation and marine construction works . For the ground improvement works, with patent technology HVDM and other traditional techniques, we are able to treat soil and sand at different conditions.


Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Meeting with Mr. Xu Shilong, chairman of Geoharbour Group

 Release time: 11:51:03 2016-4-15       

    The national strategy of the Construction of the New Silk Road Economic Zone and the Marine Silk Road in Twenty-first Century advocated by China’s President Mr. Xi Jinping  now becomes well acknowledged and widely supported by countries along the economic belt.

    Recently, the group's chairman Mr. Xu Shilong was invited to Sri Lanka to attend meetings of technical cooperation. On the afternoon of April 8th, the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka met with Mr. Xu, making a warm and fruitful conversation on patent technology cooperation and prospect for future development.       

    Prime Minister of Sri Lanka met with Chairman of Geoharbour Group

    HVDM (High Vacuum Densification Method) is a ) series of soft foundation treatment method invented by Mr. Xu Shilong, president of Shanghai Geoharbor Construction Group. In his words, the way this method treating soft foundation is "just like making the fresh soft bean curd into half dried ones and finally dried bean curd. Water inside the earth was removed and soft ground was hardened, so buildings and infrastructure could be built on top. Words are common, but the effect is magical. This patent is not only “blooming” in domestic market but also exported to more than 20 countries and regions in overseas market.       

    Because of the innovation in low carbon and environmental protection technology, its inventor Mr. Xu Shilong was awarded with three international "gold medals" , namely, the World 10th Bogsch Memory Medal, being the 10th winner in the world and the 1st in China, and the WIPO Award for Inventors, after Yuan Longping, the father of hyrid rice, and the Green Invention Glory Medal awarded by World Association of Innovation in 2012.