What we do

Our services include ground improvement, piling, deep excavation and marine construction works . For the ground improvement works, with patent technology HVDM and other traditional techniques, we are able to treat soil and sand at different conditions.

Our Services

Precast Pile

The precast pile is an economical deep foundation reinforced method transferring superstructure/substructure load to deeper soil layer and it is generally prefabricated or manufactured off site. The soil displacement piles driven into ground with high capacity and reasonable cost can be made of timber, steel, reinforced concrete or pre-stressed concrete. 

Related Projects

The Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Plant project is comprised of pile engineering and soft ground treatment, which include precast pile, dynamic compaction, vacuum preloading and high vacuum densification method. 

Project Profile

Name: Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Mill Furnace Area Piling Project

Location: Ky Anh Ha Tinh, Vietnam

Method: Precast Piling

Construction Duration

From: 2012.12

To: 2013.12