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Our services include ground improvement, piling, deep excavation and marine construction works . For the ground improvement works, with patent technology HVDM and other traditional techniques, we are able to treat soil and sand at different conditions.

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Bored Pile

Bore pile provides economical structural support for heavy load and is widely used in different ground conditions, the depth of processing can be up to 60 meters. And there are mainly two types of machines used for site construction: drilled shaft and rotary drilling rig. Comparing that the precast pile is a soil displacement pile casting off-site, the pored pile is a replacement concrete pile which need to be casted into drill holes in-suit.

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Project Profile                                                                              Construction Duration

Name: Bored Piling Works, Kepong 5, UOA GROUP                 From: 2016.12

Location: Kepong, Kuala LumpurMalaysia                              To: 2017.08

Method: Bored Pile