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Core Technologies of Major Products and Services
Geoharbour provides global clients with comprehensive geotechnical engineering services integrating survey, design, construction and monitoring, mainly including foundation treatment and pile foundation engineering. After years of continuous research and innovation, the company has obtained patents such as the Fast HVDM Method for Soft Foundation Treatment, the Fast Low High-vacuum Layered Preloading Method for Soft Foundation Treatment and the Multi-head Vibrator Equipment and Method for Resonance Foundation treatment, gradually formed the technology systems, such as the Innovative High Vacuum Densification Method(HVDM) Technique, the Vacuum Preloading Method Technique and the Vibroflotation Compaction Method Technique. In view of the complex geological conditions, Geoharbour can provide differentiated solutions for clients of different industries, thus reducing the project cost, shorten the construction period, realizing environmental protection and energy saving, and achieving good social and economic benefits.



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